OBR ADV Gear Tool Pouch



It seems that while packing for every adventure … we always end up with a few items that were either neglected to be packed, were last minute gear additions, or just needed to be packed in a readily accessible location…. The OBR ADV Gear Tool Pouch is the perfect solution for these items. Once packed the tool pouch can be slipped into any bag or attached externally using integrated webbing loops that are built into the pouch.


·        Constructed from durable heavy duty industrial textiles with high strength UV resistant nylon webbing

·        Heavy duty #10 coil zipper

·        External d-rings and webbing loops which can be used as an external attachment to any load

Item # - OBR1001

$ 15.00 (S/H $7.00 shipping) (6% Sales Tax for ID sales)

*Tools not included

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