About OBR


My name is Mike and I've lived and worked in the Boise/Meridian Idaho area for approx. 22 yrs. bringing with me a passion for anything outdoors, and Southern Idaho seems to be a mecca for such obsessions. Having decades of experience on bicycles/Mt Bikes, I was introduced to motorcycles around 1999 and I quickly realized the ability to cover great distances once a motor was placed between my two wheels. With this new found freedom, I continued to refine my riding skills, both in the desert and mountains of Idaho. I soon realized that by throwing a plate on my bike (along with the other implements to make my bike DOT compliant) I was able to plot out routes and loops through some of the more vast and remote country our state has to offer.

Short afternoon rides turned into long day rides, then day rides turn into overnight and multi-day adventures, which then required more gear. Already having a background within the recreational outdoor industry, I started making my own soft touring luggage bags which leads me to where we are today .... welcome to OBR ADV Gear. Hopefully, some of our gear management solutions will be a fit for your next adventure.

Ride Safe,